Look Solutions Viper S Fog Machine - VI-0271

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Look Solutions Viper S Fog Machine - VI-0271

This fog generator with 650 W and an powerful output of approx. 8 meter perfectly completes the Viper S range. The Viper S is made for smaller stages and Clubs. Due to its compact design and the light weight, the machine can also be assembled for mobile uses. The Viper S is characterized by a low power and fluid consumption but a powerful output. Thus, the operating costs are low and the Viper S coincidental is energy saving without cutting back the output. Equipped with all features and the usual reliability of the whole Viper range, the Viper S is an inexpensive alternative to bigger machines.


• Finest adjustments of the output
Digital technology enables fine adjustments of the pump. In steps of 1% the output can be adjusted from 0 – 99%. Thus, any desired effect from a tiny fog cloud to the thickest continuous fog can be produced. This allows an individual’s adaptation to the dimensions of the room.

DMX 512 as standard
The Viper S can be controlled via DMX 512. The connection is done with 5pin-XLR-plugs.
The DMX start address can be adjusted and saved via the control panel. The address remains saved also when the machine is unplugged.

The machine can also be controlled with analog (0 – 10V) via a lighting desk or a XLR-remote (option). The connection is done with 3-pin-XLR-plug.

A Stand-Alone-Mode is possible as well. The adjustment of the pump is done directly at the machine. Pressing the start button once, the machine starts running with the pre-adjusted pump level.

A radio remote is also available as an option.

Internal timer
With the internal timer, the fogging time can be adjsted in seconds, the wait time in minutes and the output in %. Once the timer is activated, the adjusted program will run until the timer is deactivated.

Control panel
The control panel with LED display and simple symbols allow an easy operation. It also protects the control buttons against dirt.


The following Look fog fluids are available for the Viper S:

Quick-Fog (thick, quick disappearing fog liquid)

Regular-Fog (thick, long lasting fog liquid)

Slow-Fog (thick, extremely long lasting fog liquid)

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